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“If the Mobile device was the human body,
the Keyboard would be the nervous system”
Different countries
Diverse languages
Incredible Platform

Our Products

World class keyboards, complete phone Wraps, incredible Stickers

Mobile Mastermind

What gives Kibo the edge


The Keyboard, which we use thousands of times a day, can understand us: our feelings, thoughts, interests & passions

Meaningful Data

Kibo handles large amounts of information and present meaningful data in a practical and useful way – enabling better decisions


Combining the world’s biggest brands with smartphone keyboards and innovative social feed puts Kibo in a unique global position


The Keyboard provides an incredible gateway into our world- how we prefer communicating, what apps we use and what we’re passionate about

World's Best

The Keyboard with the highest ratings in the world. Users love Kibo’s elegant Keyboard design and unique advanced features


The real-time and adaptive nature of the offering means that exactly the right content can be delivered at exactly the right time

Whole Picture

Unlike other major platforms – who see a specific angle – the keyboard sees the whole picture. Being cross-platform means no black holes


Artificial Intelligence and bot capabilities mean Kibo are at the cutting edge of innovation, adapting to user preferences


Maximum engagement through connecting the most passionate fans with the brands they love, through the unique keyboard-based platform

Some of our brand partners

The world's biggest Brands


Cutting edge technology

Makes Kibo the best in the world


Created by Tech Titans

Disrupting the world of Mobile

Kibo, formed in 2013, is a joint venture between Apply Advanced Mobile Technologies and Whitesmoke Software Ltd – publicly traded companies with years of experience in the field of mobile software development, marketing and monetization.


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As a company, we’re growing rapidly. As we expand, we’re looking for the best talent to come and join us. We’re looking for people who, like us, want to change the world. If you think you have what it takes, send us your resumé with an appropriate cover letter, and let us know why you’d like to be a part of our mission. Send us your Resumé to tami [at] kibo [dot] mobi


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